One Day Tour to Karlovo and Plovdiv


One Day Tour to Karlovo and Plovdiv is usually run during the rose harvest period in the Valley of Roses. The last Sunday of May takes place the Rose Festival in Karlovo. In the morning the participants enjoy rose picking in some of the rose fields in the area. People take photos, pick roses and admire the beauty of the vast rose fields. At noon starts the parade in the central part of the town. Before departure to Plovdiv we visit the birth house of the national hero of Bulgaria Vasil Levski, who was born in Karlovo.

The Tour of Plovdiv

The drive to Plovdiv takes about an hour. At around 3 pm we will arrive in Plovdiv – the second biggest town of Bulgaria. It has completely different ambience than Sofia and is the favorite places of most of the travelers that visit Bulgaria. Here the main area of interest is the Old Town. Some of the most interesting sites are the Roman Stadium and the Roman Theater dating to the 2nd century.

The Beautiful Houses in Plovdiv

We will visit few beautiful houses dating to the 18th and the 19th century that belonged to the wealthiest merchants in Bulgaria. Among them are:

  • Georgiadi house
  • Kuymdzhiouglu house – the biggest and the most beautiful in the Old town.
  • Balabanov`s family house
  • Hidliyan`s house
  • the restored beautiful house of Klianti will be on our way too.
  • the house of Lamartine and many other beautiful properties will make you to fall in love with this town.

Driving back

Our tour will take around two and a half to three hours. In the late afternoon we will leave to Sofia where we will arrive at around 8 pm.

One Day Tour to Karlovo and Plovdiv is a great possibility to enjoy the Rose Festival celebrations in Karlovo and to visit one of the most beautiful towns of Bulgaria – Plovdiv.

Plovdiv was The European Capital of Culture 2019.

Day 1

7 am – pick up from your hotel in Sofia. Departure to Karlovo.

10 am – Arrive in Karlovo. Experience rose picking in a village next to the town.

12 o`clock – Enjoy the parade in the central part

2 pm – Departure to Plovdiv

3 pm – Arrive in Plovdiv. Take a tour of the Old town.

6 pm – Departure to Sofia.

8 am – Estimate time of arrival in your hotel.

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One Day Tour to Karlovo and Plovdiv