Bulgaria Tours
Plovdiv The Old Town

Bulgaria Tours is a section where you will find some of my tours including different parts of Bulgaria. If you plan your trip outside of the Rose festive period (end of May, beginning of June), I will propose a program based on your time and budget. You can still see the rose fields, but there will not be roses ;).

I have designed myself all the tours that you will see in the Bulgaria Tours section. As most of the tours I run myself, I know what is best for my customers. In every town or village, I provide the best available accommodation. Where possible I organize home hosted meals since I believe that it is a great possibility to interact with locals. I know in person most of the people that serve to my guests. All of them are very hospitable and do the job with a lot of passion.

Why choose a Private Tour of Bulgaria with me?

  • All my tours are fully customizable
  • You pick up your own date
  • You set up the budget of the tour
  • I propose the program and you put changes if necessary
  • I build the tours based on what YOU like and your time-frame
  • In my tours I include visits to local families and tasting home-made food
  • I take care of the organization and I do it with a lot of responsibility
  • I have 14 years of experience in organizing and running private tours

When booking one of my Bulgaria Tours, you get a personal service from the beginning of the communication to the end of the tour. You have the freedom to make changes in the program while touring and can stop anytime for a break, coffee or to take photos. You decide when the tour will start in the morning, when you will have lunch and when you will finish. I will certainly explain the best timing, but still it will be up to you to decide.

Keep your freedom and book your private tour of Bulgaria with me! Make it happen and enjoy the ride!

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