Rose Festival Private Guide
Rose Festival Private Guide

Rose Festival Kazanlak Info is a section where I provide more information about the Rose Festival in Kazanlak. Here you will find details about the dates of the Rose festival, the events that you can attend and the villages where usually the rose picking rituals takes place. I understand that when you visit a foreign country it is good to prepare with some information about it. That is why I would like to make it easy for you and give you some summarized details about the rose festival in Kazanlak. On spot, you will get full and complete information about how the organization and the festivities will go on.

You will have me, or some of the guides from my great team, so you do not have to worry about anything. We will take care of the organization and will leave to you only the enjoyment. I will buy the tickets for the rose picking ritual and the rose parade in advance. Upon request, I will buy tickets for some of the other events held during the weekend of the culmination of the festivities. I will make sure that you will have a good seat and will be able to see all the parading participants, respectively to take great photos.

Why choose me as a private guide?

  • I provide a fully customized tour.
  • The price of the tour will be according to your budget.
  • All the tickets for the festivities I will deliver in advance.
  • I guarantee that you will have a seat for the parade.
  • I will turn your tour to a great experience.
  • If I am not available, one of my great guides will provide the same fantastic service, as I will.
  • I am a fully licensed professional guide. So are the guides of my team.
  • You will not need to worry about anything. Just leave it to me!

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