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Hi, my name is Pavlina!

I am Professional Tour Guide licensed by the Bulgarian Ministry of Tourism and Manager of Easy Bulgaria Travel Ltd. To be a guide is my vocation, my life and my devotion.

My Story (in brief ;))

Abot Me Bulgaria Private Guide

I had the chance to grow up in the most beautiful ski resort in Bulgaria, Pamporovo where my parents worked for 30 years. It was the first hotel in the resort and one of the first hotels in Bulgaria. At that time, there was only one state owned travel agency and its name was “Balkan Tourist”. During the communist period, the Bulgarian authorities did not allow Bulgarians to mix up with foreigners. There were resorts for foreigners and such for Bulgarians. Our resort was open only for foreigners. In our hotel, they distributed only Irish students` groups. It gave me the unique chance to communicate with them at a very young age and to pass smoothly the language barrier. Already at that time, my dream was to become a tour guide. I stoically pursued this dream and it came true once I graduated from the university.

My Education

I finished the Tourism High school in the town of Smolyan and in 1997 I went to the Plovdiv University. I graduated in 2002 from the Faculty of Tourism where I did Master in “Tourism”. Later I passed a tour guide training course and got my license.

My job

In the summer of 1997, I started to work in a big hotel at the Bulgarian seacoast. Later I moved to Sofia where I got a job in a travel agency. I was a tour leader and organizer of Bulgarian groups abroad – mainly to Greece, Turkey, Spain, Italy and France. This is how in a short time I visited most of the European countries.

My job in France

In 2006, I got a job in France, at the French Riviera. I became part of the team of Cap West International Real Estate agency and it was a great training for me. This job helped me to learn how to serve wealthy customers and how to answer to all their requirements to the smallest detail. The skills that I acquired enormously helped me for the development of my own business. I learned to be efficient, professional and always up to date with the new stuff. Very important in this job was my responsibility and my capability to do all the work with a big smile and a lot of love. Making my clients happy was the biggest award for me. I became the preferred Councilor of most of the clients.

Back to Bulgaria

In 2009, I decided that it was time to start-up my own business. The decision to get back to Bulgaria was not easy, but I saw I lot of potential in the travel business here. As every beginning, it was hard, but I believed in myself. I believed that I was good at this job and I could develop this business.
My first car served me to practice how to provide a tour, being a guide-driver.  Well, I was the first female in Bulgaria to do it. Later I decided to expand the fleet and purchased my first Mercedes mini-van. Quite expensive at the time, I was happy to drive around my customers in that luxury vehicle. Again, the first female in Bulgaria to provide tours by a van. Today the company has 6 cars and 2 very comfortable mini vans Mercedes Viano.

How Easy Bulgaria Travel Ltd grew up during the years?

Thanks to my tireless work and constant development, I extended Easy Bulgaria Travel ltd to 10 employees. Today I have a team of eight dedicated, great guides, a technician and myself. Each of them I selected very carefully and with no doubt I made a great choice. All of them are dedicated to the job, just the way I am. They would go the extra mile for any customer, exactly what I would do. Their life is their job, just like me. They are very positive, friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable and dedicated to the job. They all adore what they do and this is the biggest advantage to each of them. Here you can see more about My Team Of Great Guides.

Somebody said: “They may forget what you said…but they will never forget how you made them feel.”
I am sure, that many of our customers do not remember what we said about Sofia, Bulgaria, one or another historical site. However, I strongly believe that each of our customer remembers the guide that he had.

My conception

My conception for the successful tour is that first and most important it has to be organized and fine-tuned to the last detail. Secondly and not less important is to be led by a good guide. I believe in the new generation of tour guides – full of energy and enthusiasm, knowledgeable and tireless. Impatient to dive you in the depth of our beautiful country. My guides and I will turn your tour to a magic time when you discover, you feel and you enjoy.

Today in Easy Bulgaria Travel Ltd, my goal is not only to provide some kind of a tour. My goal is to make my clients to remember the feelings that the tour evoked. Most important is to make them feel happy for having chosen me as a main organizer of this memorable experience.

In my tours, I include all the necessary aspects of the journey.  Knowing the requirements already from my communication with the clients I assign the most relevant guide, the most suitable accommodation (does not mean the most expensive) and a safe and comfortable vehicle. These three elements accompanied by few local experiences that I always try to add, such as a home hosted meal or a visit to a local family or some cooking classes make the tour unforgettable.

What is the secret of the success of our tours?

As a passionate traveler, I always try to put myself in the shoes of my customer. I have travelled all over the world and I know what it is to be disappointed with the service that you pay for. That is why my first and most important task is to make our clients happy with our service. I know that they pay a lot for the entire journey. It is not only for the money, but it is also for the time and most important for the expectation. I always make sure that my team and I will do our best to answer to the expectations that you have and will even go beyond. I strongly believe that the love that we have for our job makes us so successful. The tourists very rapidly feel this love, passion and dedication.

Why should you trust your tour to me?

Trusting your tour to me and my team will ensure an easy-going communication, smooth planning and an impeccable service. It will save you time and headache. I will send you a file with very useful information about the money exchange, the currency, the credit cards, the plugs, the tips, the etiquette etc. It will enormously help you to prepare yourself in order you travel in comfort. If there is a particular thing that you would need, I will be there for you to provide. If there is a health problem or another issue, the guide and I will be there for you. You will travel in comfort and tranquility and only have to enjoy your time. Briefly: I will take care of you and will be your assistance from the moment we start to plan the tour to the moment you fly out from Bulgaria (and even afterwards :).

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Easy Bulgaria Travel License
Easy Bulgaria Travel License
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Tour Guide License Pavlina