rose fields kazanlak
rose fields kazanlak

I usually run One Day Tours to Kazanlak during the period of the rose harvest. It starts in the last decade of May until mid-June. This is the time when the blooming roses scatter throughout the vast rose fields. The name of this variety is Rose Damascena. It has a very intrusive scent, a result of the high concentration of oil in its petals. Its scent is spreading all over the Valley of Roses during the 25 day long harvesting period. A must-do part is to stop at a rose field and to collect petals of the blooming roses. Taking photos is another favorite part of my customers (and mine as well :). The people that work on the fields are always happy to pose. They will also show you how to pick up petals without pricking your fingers.

In my One Day Tours to Kazanlak I include visit to a rose distillery where one can see the process of boiling rose oil.

The Thracian Tomb in Kazanalk

Kazanlak Thracian TombThe Rose Valley is also famous as the Valley of the Thracian Kings. In the Antiquity it wss the territory of the vast Odryssian Kingdom established by the Thracian tribes. The world bearly knows about this ancient civilization, but it is extremely interesting and intriguing. The visitors of  Bulgaria get extremely surprised to get aqcuainted with this part of our history and most of them admit the uniqueness of the Thracian tombs that they visit in the area of Kazanlak. One of them, The Kazanlak Thracian Tomb is part of the list of UNESCO. More about it you can read here: The Thracians.

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