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Guide to the Rose Festival

Due to the Covid 19 pandemic the Kazanlak Municipality canceled the Rose Festival 2020. Here you will find information about the Rose Festival 2021.

Dates of the Rose Festival 2021 in Kazanlak

  • The Main Event in 2021 will happen on the 1st weekend of June (4th, 5th and 6th of June 2021)
  • Since the official program for the Rose Festival 2021 has not been launched yet, you can see the Official program for 2019 here: rose-fest-programme-2019.
  • Most of the events are similar and there might be slight changes only.

Rose picking rituals will take place in few villages in the area of Kazanlak. Usually the rose picking ritauls take place next to the following villages: Koprinka, Yasenovo, Rozovo, Razhena, Enina, Kran, Kanchevo.

Here you can see a map of all the villages where the rose rituals take place.

Must-visit events during the Rose Festival

The cultural calendar during the festive period is very rich and you might not be able to attend all the events, but here are few that we suggest you visit.

The Rose picking rituals

The rituals take place in various villages (numbered above) around the town of Kazanlak. The most visited rose picking rituals are in the first weekend of June – Saturday and Sunday taking place near the village of Enina or the village of Kran. It would be good to get there not later than 9 am when the roses are still fresh and the dew has not evaporated yet. You will enjoy picking the petals of the roses, taking photos and watching Bulgarian folklore dances.

rose festival parade
rose festival parade

The parade on the main street on Sunday

The culmination of the rose festival events is the parade on the main square when the visitors enjoy a one and a half hour parade. The participants are members of organizations, clubs, schools, kinder gardens. They parade dressed in colorful costumes presenting their activity. Very attractive is the Queen Rose elected previously in a glamorous ceremeny and her runner ups. I will purchse in advance tickets for the rose parade. The ticket will assure you a seat, so that you can enjoy the parade in comfort. If you do not have tickets, still you can watch the parade standing. Very often it is very hot and people hardly manage to stand for one and a half hour under the burning sun.

Tickets and Participation in the Rose Festival

Some of the events require to have tickets purchased in advance. Such events are the folklore concert on Friday on the main square, the rose picking and if you wish to have reserved seats for the parade on Sunday at noon. I will have purchased all the tickets in advance and your guide will be having them.

Accommodation in Kazanlak and the region during the Rose Festival

Booking your Rose Festival Tour with me you will not have to face the hassle of finding a hotel. I will take care of it and will let you know about the possibilities for accommodation as of the date of your enquiry. Most of the hotels in Kazanlak and the reion get fully booked already in February. If there are no available rooms in Kazanlak, I will inform you about the best possibility for accommodation in the nearby town of Pavel Banya or Stara Zagora.

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