This is Ivoslav – Driver and entertainer … even a paramedic and bodyguard … a furtherer of time-honored Bulgarian values, virtues, and family traditions.

An irreparable, incorrigible optimist, the eternal positive thinker – his answer to the “How are you” question is “I feel as if it were my prom tonight!”.

Enthusiastic Primo Tenore di “Gusla” coro academico (or, to put it in plain English, a rank-and-file tenor chorister to the Gusla male choir). An indefatigable supporter of young people (if they are willing to accept support, that is!), and child-friendly, observing the loving-without-spoiling principle.

An aesthete, capable of contemplating a painting, a natural landscape or phenomenon, even at a single beautiful tree, for hours on end…Nurturing his intrinsic interests in history, geography, literature, languages (and tongues for that matter…, say, in butter), cars, architecture, music – any style, excluding Chalga (that hapless mixture of sensuality and stupidity, so highly honored by Bulgarian thugs and their doll-like retinue), Rap, and the like musical misunderstandings …