Rural Bulgaria Tour

Rural Bulgaria Tour

It is a fantastic choice to escape to the countryside and feel the freedom of the rural life. This program aims to take you closer to what Bulgaria was until fifteen years ago and how it is today. Here we combine overnight stays in traditional villages with visits to historical sites, crafts and meeting locals. In the evenings you will feel the spirit of a century-old life and sincere hospitality, combined with delicious local cuisine, based on organic food and home-made drinks (wine and fruit brandy among them).

The Bulgarian villages have its charm are all year round during each season. However, the summer is full of flavors and fruits, greenery and sun. This is the period when the villagers prepare their food for the winter and prepare conserved tomatoes and peppers, juices and local specific conserved food.

The culture of Bulgaria

The Bulgarian culture is the product of its geography and its rich historical past. Biggest influence today we have from the period of the Ottoman Empire. Along with many Turkish words that we still use in our vocabulary, our cuisine is also very similar to the one of Turkey and the Middle East. We also have many similarities in the superstitious beliefs, in the music and in the architecture. Another aspect is the patriarchal customs in the Bulgarian families. Not less intriguing is that until few years ago, the women covered their heads and the arranged marriages were not rare.

Rural Bulgaria Tours is a journey through the Bulgarian development throughout the centuries. You will fully dive in the rural life and the way the locals live today. It is just a fantastic way to get back to the past and to feel the simple life that people lived.

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DURATION: 12 days/11 nights


  • the Rila monastery
  • the Narrow Gauge Train
  • the Roman theater in Plovdiv
  • the Starosel Tomb
  • The Wonder Rocks
  • The Madara Horseman
  • The Sveshtary tomb
  • The Tsarevets fortress


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Rural Bulgaria Tour