Tour Bulgaria, Macedonia and Albania


Tour Bulgaria, Macedonia and Albania combines the most interesting and significant sites of the three countries.

It is a unique possibility to combine three countries where history has interlaced with culture and traditions. This tour will make you fall in love with this remote area of Eastern Europe.

Macedonia is a small landlocked country nestled between Greece, Albania, Serbia, and Bulgaria. This position gives its culture a unique blend of Balkan influences, making it a wonderful place for food and cultural tours. It is the nature of Macedonia that attracts the most visitors. From the glittering shores of Lake Ohrid to the stunning views of the Matka Canyon, this mountainous country offers up some exceptional natural sights.

Albania is the hidden gem of southeastern Europe. It is full of colors and flavors, blue lagoons and fine sand beaches. Its present is the products of its turbulent past where Roman and Ottoman Empires interlace. It also has its communist influence that one can still see in the robust architecture of Tirana.


  • Visit the Macedonian capital Skopje
  • Admire the breath-taking views from the Ohrid lake and its surroundings
  • Visit Albania, one of the less visited countries of Europe
  • Discover one of the less visited countries on the Balkans
  • Get closer to the Balkan culture

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  • Local guides in Macedonia
  • Local guide in Albania
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  • Choose your own dates
  • Flexibility to alter the program, even while on the tour
  • Best value for money
  • A very comfortable, safe and non-smoking vehicle equipped with wi-fi on board
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  • All taxes, admissions and parking fees will be included in tour price

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Tour Bulgaria, Macedonia and Albania